Four levels of tanning



At TanzMania we believe that one size does not fit all tanners. We offer a variety of tanning package options
and Professional Tanning Lotion options so that you always benefit from a plan that is tailored to your own needs:

• Best membership plans in town!  Build your own for as little as $25 a month!
• Single Month unlimited plans starting at $35 mth.(see store for details)
• Single visits available in all beds
• Best Membership Plans in town starting at $25 mth.(see store for details)
• Plans from 1 week to one year with/without co-pays
• The best EFT year-round bronzing plan in town!
• “Easy Tan Plan” utilizing a flexible high pressure tan plan
• “My Tan, My Way” packages without expiration
• Special bride & groom wedding tan plans
• Special affordable family-friendly tan plans
• Student promotional opportunities
• Advanced bronzing packs for convenient color building & maintenance