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tanning_bed_31Professional Tanning Salons like Tanz-Mania advocate and practice moderate, responsible tanning. We believe there is a great advantage to receiving uv exposure in a salon where we can control the percentages of uva and uvb output, the amount of power or intensity of the output, the design of the tanning lamp or bed, as well as the exposure schedule. As compared to tanning outside where there are constantly changing variables such as weather, temperature , ozone levels, geographic location, pollution levels, time of day or year, to name a few. Every day we help customers achieve their tanning goals without overexposing them or causing burning.. We are certified tanning technicians and are acutely aware of the medical risks associated with over-exposure and are adamant in our practices to prevent and avoid sunburn. We are a TANNING Salon, NOT a BURNING Salon. This is very important.

Most of the medical industries concerns and the media’s anti-tanning reports are based on the risks connected with over-exposure, or burning, especially in children under the age of 18. These same concerns have not been effectively connected to tanners not receiving overexposure, or in our words, those tanning moderately and responsibly and not burning.

The FDA considers tanning equipment to be medical devices, so the only people allowed to make any specific claims about the medical benefits of tanning are doctors. And while UV exposure is currently used in medical offices throughout the U.S. for a wide variety of benefits, there still remains an old, outdated bias in the medical community favoring drugs, surgery and radiation over the healing properties of nature’s most basic source of all living things: the SUN.

Tanning industry and association representatives continue to work in good faith with reputable and respectable leaders from the medical, political and media fields in an effort to provide the public with a more accurate perception and proper understanding of UV exposure and indoor tanning. While there will probably always be extreme fringe groups advocating against any kind of tanning, most people have enough common sense to realize that as with so many other things in life, moderation is the key. Too much of just about anything can become not good.

The message from the tanning industry to the consumer is very simple: Don’t be naive when hearing the typical and predictable anti-tanning jargon spewed out on the public. These presentations may sell newspapers, magazines or get better television ratings, but they many times do the consumer and the tanning industry a disservice. Quite often these are incomplete, unbalanced presentations, focused on extreme overexposure situations which are certainly not the norm, or the consumer is being sold an anti-tanning bill of goods by a person or entity who at best is ill-informed, or at worst has there own self-serving agenda , made up with no genuine concern for the consumer. The indoor tanning industry by and large does an excellent job of providing tanning services in a controlled, professional and responsible manner.

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