5 levels of tanning – your tanning consultant will recommend the proper equipment for you to use

We strive to bring you the highest performance equipment in the industry.

Level 1

Base Color Building/Support

sunburst-4000-level1 Ergoline-Competition-232-level1

 UVA/UVB Blends, Various Bed Styles And Lamp Options Insure Solid Level 1 Performance For Multiple Skin Types.

Level 2

Level II – Intermediate Bronzing

Ergoline-Competition-300-level2 sol-lux-level2

UVA/UVB blends, various bed styles and lamp options insure solid level 1 performance for multiple skin types.

Level 3

Level III – Advanced Bronzing


Ergoline-Classic-600-level3 the-hex2-level3 

   Elevated Levels Of UVA, Reflector Technology, High Pressure Facial Lamps And Increased Bed Power Combine For Faster, More Golden Color. Maintain Color With 2-3 Sessions Per Week.

Level 4

Level IIII – Ultimate High Pressure Bronzing

Sportarredo-HP-Maxi-Multisun‎-level4 ultrasun-jetpower-level4 
super-ringo-level4 venus-highpressure-level4

 Highest conventional power levels, customized UVA/UVB blends, accelerated melanin oxidation and advanced ergonomics combine to drive darker, deeper and more sustaining color.

Level 5

Level V – Spray Tanning

Airbrush Picture-web  mystic-tan-blue-box-level5  Spray Tan Illustration-web

Why Spray and Pray when you can Spray and Play? Get your best Spray Tan. Easy, Fast, beautiful golden color with no streaking, UV-Free Spray Tanning.